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Who we are and Background

Maia & Borges, Lda. is a toy manufacturer, which was founded by our current owner-manager, Victor Maia on 18 June 1976. It began production in rented premises and in 1979 moved to its current premises, a building occupying a total area of 1,800 square metres, with two storeys for our production facilities and a third, for our offices.

The company currently has a staff of 60.


What we do

 Our products consist of high-quality, hand painted and pad printed plastic figures, which conform to safety standards for toys.

In addition to developing our own products, we also manufacture licensed figures as well as any figure a client may wish. Most of our production is exported and we manufacture custom-made figures for a number of customers.


At present, we export 90% of our production, with the Germany being the main destination country for the figures we manufacture. The portfolio of articles we have manufactured over the years includes the smurfs, Snoopy, the Pink Panther, mascots of sporting and cultural events such as the Expo ‘98 mascot and the Euro 2004 mascot, among others.


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